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   From childhood I was a verse-maker.  Poetry suited
my emotions better than prose.  The following is
one of my girlhood productions.


       If fancy plumes aerial flight,
         Go fix thy restless mind
       On learning's lore and wisdom's might,
         And live to bless mankind.
       The sword is sheathed, 't is freedom's hour,
         No despot bears misrule,
       Where knowledge plants the foot of power
         In our God-blessed free school.

       Forth from this fount the streamlets flow,
         That widen in their course.
       Hero and sage arise to show
         Science the mighty source,
       And laud the land whose talents rock
         The cradle of her power,
       And wreaths are twined round Plymouth Rock,
         From erudition's bower.

       Farther than feet of chamois fall,
         Free as the generous air,

RET 12

       Strains nobler far than clarion call
         Wake freedom's welcome, where
       Minerva's silver sandals still
         Are loosed, and not effete;
       Where echoes still my day-dreams thrill,
         Woke by her fancied feet.

RET 13

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