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   The trend of human life was too eventful to leave me
undisturbed in the illusion that this so-called life
could be a real and abiding rest.  All things earthly must
ultimately yield to the irony of fate, or else be merged
into the one infinite Love.
   As these pungent lessons became clearer, they grew
sterner.  Previously the cloud of mortal mind seemed to
have a silver lining; but now it was not even fringed with
light.  Matter was no longer spanned with its rainbow
of promise.  The world was dark.  The oncoming hours
were indicated by no floral dial.  The senses could not
prophesy sunrise or starlight.
   Thus it was when the moment arrived of the heart's
bridal to more spiritual existence.  When the door opened,
I was waiting and watching; and, lo, the bridegroom
came!  The character of the Christ was illuminated by
the midnight torches of Spirit.  My heart knew its
Redeemer.  He whom my affections had diligently sought
was as the One "altogether lovely," as "the chiefest,"
the only, "among ten thousand."  Soulless famine had
fled.  Agnosticism, pantheism, and theosophy were void.
Being was beautiful, its substance, cause, and currents
were God and His idea.  I had touched the hem of Christian

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