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to God's laws, demonstrated for all time and peoples
the supremacy of good over evil, and the superiority of
Spirit over matter.
   The miracles recorded in the Bible, which had before
seemed to me supernatural, grew divinely natural and apprehensible;
though uninspired interpreters ignorantly
pronounce Christ's healing miraculous, instead of seeing
therein the operation of the divine law.
   Jesus of Nazareth was a natural and divine Scientist.
He was so before the material world saw him.  He who
antedated Abraham, and gave the world a new date in the
Christian era, was a Christian Scientist, who needed no
discovery of the Science of being in order to rebuke the
evidence.  To one "born of the flesh," however, divine
Science must be a discovery.  Woman must give it birth.
It must be begotten of spirituality, since none but the pure
in heart can see God, - the Principle of all things pure;
and none but the "poor in spirit" could first state this
Principle, could know yet more of the nothingness of matter
and the allness of Spirit, could utilize Truth, and absolutely
reduce the demonstration of being, in Science, to
the apprehension of the age.

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   I wrote also, at this period, comments on the Scriptures,
setting forth their spiritual interpretation, the Science of
the Bible, and so laid the foundation of my work called
Science and Health, published in 1875.
   If these notes and comments, which have never been
read by any one but myself, were published, it would
show that after my discovery of the absolute Science
of Mind-healing, like all great truths, this spiritual
Science developed itself to me until Science and
Health was written.  These early comments are valuable
to me as waymarks of progress, which I would not
have effaced.
   Up to that time I had not fully voiced my
discovery.  Naturally, my first jottings were but efforts to
express in feeble diction Truth's ultimate.  In Longfellow's
language, -

        But the feeble hands and helpless,
          Groping blindly in the darkness,
        Touch God's right hand in that darkness,
          And are lifted up and strengthened.

   As sweet music ripples in one's first thoughts of it like
the brooklet in its meandering midst pebbles and rocks,
before the mind can duly express it to the ear, - so the
harmony of divine Science first broke upon my sense,
before gathering experience and confidence to articulate
it.  Its natural manifestation is beautiful and euphonious,
but its written expression increases in power and perfection
under the guidance of the great Master.
   The divine hand led me into a new world of light and
Life, a fresh universe - old to God, but new to His "little

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one."  It became evident that the divine Mind alone must
answer, and be found as the Life, or Principle, of all being;
and that one must acquaint himself with God, if he would
be at peace.  He must be ours practically, guiding our
every thought and action; else we cannot understand
the omnipresence of good sufficiently to demonstrate,
even in part, the Science of the perfect Mind and divine
   I had learned that thought must be spiritualized, in
order to apprehend Spirit.  It must become honest, unselfish,
and pure, in order to have the least understanding
of God in divine Science.  The first must become last.
Our reliance upon material things must be transferred to
a perception of and dependence on spiritual things.  For

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