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Spirit to be supreme in demonstration, it must be supreme
in our affections, and we must be clad with divine power.
Purity, self-renunciation, faith, and understanding must
reduce all things real to their own mental denomination,
Mind, which divides, subdivides, increases, diminishes,
constitutes, and sustains, according to the law of
   I had learned that Mind reconstructed the body, and
that nothing else could.  How it was done, the spiritual
Science of Mind must reveal.  It was a mystery to me
then, but I have since understood it.  All Science is a
revelation.  Its Principle is divine, not human, reaching
higher than the stars of heaven.
   Am I a believer in spiritualism?  I believe in no ism.
This is my endeavor, to be a Christian, to assimilate the
character and practice of the anointed; and no motive

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can cause a surrender of this effort.  As I understand it,
spiritualism is the antipode of Christian Science.  I esteem
all honest people, and love them, and hold to loving our
enemies and doing good to them that "despitefully use
you and persecute you."

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