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   The physical side of this research was aided by hints
from homoeopathy, sustaining my final conclusion
that mortal belief, instead of the drug, governed the action
of material medicine.
   I wandered through the dim mazes of materia medica,
till I was weary of "scientific guessing," as it has been well
called.  I sought knowledge from the different schools, -
allopathy, homoeopathy, hydropathy, electricity, and from
various humbugs, - but without receiving satisfaction.
   I found, in the two hundred and sixty-two remedies
enumerated by Jahr, one pervading secret; namely, that
the less material medicine we have, and the more Mind,
the better the work is done; a fact which seems to prove
the Principle of Mind-healing.  One drop of the thirtieth
attenuation of Natrum muriaticum, in a tumbler-full
of water, and one teaspoonful of the water mixed with
the faith of ages, would cure patients not affected by a
larger dose.  The drug disappears in the higher attenuations
of homoeopathy, and matter is thereby rarefied to
its fatal essence, mortal mind; but immortal Mind, the
curative Principle, remains, and is found to be even more
   The mental virtues of the material methods of medicine,
when understood, were insufficient to satisfy my doubts

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as to the honesty or utility of using a material curative.  I
must know more of the unmixed, unerring source, in order
to gain the Science of Mind, the All-in-all of Spirit, in
which matter is obsolete.  Nothing less could solve the
mental problem.  If I sought an answer from the medical
schools, the reply was dark and contradictory.  Neither
ancient nor modern philosophy could clear the clouds, or
give me one distinct statement of the spiritual Science of
Mind-healing.  Human reason was not equal to it.
   I claim for healing scientifically the following advantages:
First: It does away with all material medicines,
and recognizes the antidote for all sickness, as well as sin,
in the immortal Mind; and mortal mind as the source of
all the ills which befall mortals.  Second: It is more effectual
than drugs, and cures when they fail, or only relieve;
thus proving the superiority of metaphysics over physics.
Third: A person healed by Christian Science is not only
healed of his disease, but he is advanced morally and
spiritually.  The mortal body being but the objective state
of the mortal mind, this mind must be renovated to improve
the body.

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