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   In 1870 I copyrighted the first publication on spiritual,
scientific Mind-healing, entitled "The Science of
Man."  This little book is converted into the chapter on
Recapitulation in Science and Health.  It was so new -
the basis it laid down for physical and moral health was
so hopelessly original, and men were so unfamiliar with
the subject - that I did not venture upon its publication
until later, having learned that the merits of Christian
Science must be proven before a work on this subject
could be profitably published.
   The truths of Christian Science are not interpolations
of the Scriptures, but the spiritual interpretations thereof.
Science is the prism of Truth, which divides its rays and
brings out the hues of Deity.  Human hypotheses have
darkened the glow and grandeur of evangelical religion.
When speaking of his true followers in every period, Jesus
said, "They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall
recover."  There is no authority for querying the authenticity
of this declaration, for it already was and is demonstrated
as practical, and its claim is substantiated, - a
claim too immanent to fall to the ground beneath the stroke
of artless workmen.
   Though a man were girt with the Urim and Thummim
of priestly office, and denied the perpetuity of Jesus' command,

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"Heal the sick," or its application in all time to
those who understand Christ as the Truth and the Life,
that man would not expound the gospel according to
   Five years after taking out my first copyright, I taught
the Science of Mind-healing, alias Christian Science, by
writing out my manuscripts for students and distributing
them unsparingly.  This will account for certain published
and unpublished manuscripts extant, which the
evil-minded would insinuate did not originate with me.

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