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   My last marriage was with Asa Gilbert Eddy, and
was a blessed and spiritual union, solemnized at
Lynn, Massachusetts, by the Rev. Samuel Barrett Stewart,
in the year 1877.  Dr. Eddy was the first student publicly
to announce himself a Christian Scientist, and place these
symbolic words on his office sign.  He forsook all to follow
in this line of light.  He was the first organizer of a Christian
Science Sunday School, which he superintended.  He
also taught a special Bible-class; and he lectured so ably
on Scriptural topics that clergymen of other denominations
listened to him with deep interest.  He was remarkably
successful in Mind-healing, and untiring in his chosen
work.  In 1882 he passed away, with a smile of peace and
love resting on his serene countenance.  "Mark the perfect
man, and behold the upright:  for the end of that man
is peace."  (Psalms xxxvii. 37.)

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