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Christian history.  After this material form of cohesion
and fellowship has accomplished its end, continued organization
retards spiritual growth, and should be laid off, -
even as the corporeal organization deemed requisite in
the first stages of mortal existence is finally laid off, in
order to gain spiritual freedom and supremacy.
   From careful observation and experience came my clue
to the uses and abuses of organization.  Therefore, in accord
with my special request, followed that noble, unprecedented
action of the Christian Scientist Association
connected with my College when dissolving that organization,
- in forgiving enemies, returning good for evil, in
following Jesus' command, "Whosoever shall smite thee
on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also."  I saw
these fruits of Spirit, long-suffering and temperance, fulfil
the law of Christ in righteousness.  I also saw that
Christianity has withstood less the temptation of popularity
than of persecution.

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