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tobacco, and alcohol are not the sweet-smelling savor of
Truth and Love.  Feasting the senses, gratification of
appetite and passion, have no warrant in the gospel or
the Decalogue.  Mortals must take up the cross if they
would follow Christ, and worship the Father "in spirit
and in truth."
   The Jewish religion was not spiritual; hence Jesus
denounced it.  If the religion of to-day is constituted of
such elements as of old ruled Christ out of the synagogues,
it will continue to avoid whatever follows the example of
our Lord and prefers Christ to creed.  Christian Science
is the pure evangelic truth.  It accords with the trend and
tenor of Christ's teaching and example, while it demonstrates
the power of Christ as taught in the four Gospels.
Truth, casting out evils and healing the sick; Love, fulfilling
the law and keeping man unspotted from the world,
- these practical manifestations of Christianity constitute
the only evangelism, and they need no creed.
   As well expect to determine, without a telescope, the
magnitude and distance of the stars, as to expect to obtain
health, harmony, and holiness through an unspiritual and
unhealing religion.  Christianity reveals God as ever-present

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Truth and Love, to be utilized in healing the sick,
in casting out error, in raising the dead.
   Christian Science gives vitality to religion, which is no
longer buried in materiality.  It raises men from a material
sense into the spiritual understanding and scientific demonstration
of God.

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