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   The neophyte in Christian Science acts like a diseased
physique, - being too fast or too slow.  He is inclined
to do either too much or too little.  In healing and
teaching the student has not yet achieved the entire wisdom
of Mind-practice.  The textual explanation of this
practice is complete in Science and Health; and scientific
practice makes perfect, for it is governed by its Principle,
and not by human opinions; but carnal and sinister
motives, entering into this practice, will prevent the
demonstration of Christian Science.
   I recommend students not to read so-called scientific
works, antagonistic to Christian Science, which advocate
materialistic systems; because such works and words becloud
the right sense of metaphysical Science.
   The rules of Mind-healing are wholly Christlike and
spiritual.  Therefore the adoption of a worldly policy or a
resort to subterfuge in the statement of the Science of
Mind-healing, or any name given to it other than Christian
Science, or an attempt to demonstrate the facts of this
Science other than is stated in Science and Health - is a
departure from the Science of Mind-healing.  To becloud
mortals, or for yourself to hide from God, is to conspire
against the blessings otherwise conferred, against your
own success and final happiness, against the progress of

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the human race as well as against honest metaphysical
theory and practice.
   Not by the hearing of the ear is spiritual truth learned
and loved; nor cometh this apprehension from the experiences
of others.  We glean spiritual harvests from our
own material losses.  In this consuming heat false images
are effaced from the canvas of mortal mind; and thus does
the material pigment beneath fade into invisibility.
   The signs for the wayfarer in divine Science lie in meekness,
in unselfish motives and acts, in shuffling off scholastic
rhetoric, in ridding the thought of effete doctrines, in the
purification of the affections and desires.
   Dishonesty, envy, and mad ambition are "lusts of the
flesh," which uproot the germs of growth in Science and
leave the inscrutable problem of being unsolved.  Through
the channels of material sense, of worldly policy, pomp,
and pride, cometh no success in Truth.  If beset with misguided
emotions, we shall be stranded on the quicksands
of worldly commotion, and practically come short of the
wisdom requisite for teaching and demonstrating the
victory over self and sin.
   Be temperate in thought, word, and deed.  Meekness
and temperance are the jewels of Love, set in wisdom.
Restrain untempered zeal.  "Learn to labor and to wait."
Of old the children of Israel were saved by patient waiting.
   "The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the
violent take it by force!" said Jesus.  Therefore are
its spiritual gates not captured, nor its golden streets
   We recognize this kingdom, the reign of harmony

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within us, by an unselfish affection or love, for this is the
pledge of divine good and the insignia of heaven.  This
also is proverbial, that though eternal justice be graciously
gentle, yet it may seem severe.

       For whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth,
       And scourgeth every son whom He receiveth.

  As the poets in different languages have expressed it: -

       Though the mills of God grind slowly,
         Yet they grind exceeding small;

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