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in order to do the greatest good to the greatest number, and
therein abide.  The population of our principal cities is
ample to supply many practitioners, teachers, and preachers
with work.  This fact interferes in no way with the prosperity
of each worker; rather does it represent an accumulation
of power on his side which promotes the ease and
welfare of the workers.  Their liberated capacities of mind
enable Christian Scientists to consummate much good or
else evil; therefore their examples either excel or fall short
of other religionists; and they must be found dwelling
together in harmony, if even they compete with ecclesiastical
fellowship and friendship.
   It is often asked which revision of Science and Health is
the best.  The arrangement of my last revision, in 1890,
makes the subject-matter clearer than any previous edition,
and it is therefore better adapted to spiritualize thought

RET 83

and elucidate scientific healing and teaching.  It has
already been proven that this volume is accomplishing the
divine purpose to a remarkable degree.  The wise Christian
Scientist will commend students and patients to the
teachings of this book, and the healing efficacy thereof,
rather than try to centre their interest on himself.
   Students whom I have taught are seldom benefited by
the teachings of other students, for scientific foundations
are already laid in their minds which ought not to be tampered
with.  Also, they are prepared to receive the infinite
instructions afforded by the Bible and my books, which
mislead no one and are their best guides.
   The student may mistake in his conception of Truth, and
this error, in an honest heart, is sure to be corrected.  But
if he misinterprets the text to his pupils, and communicates,
even unintentionally, his misconception of Truth, thereafter
he will find it more difficult to rekindle his own light
or to enlighten them.  Hence, as a rule, the student should
explain only Recapitulation, the chapter for the class-room,
and leave Science and Health to God's daily interpretation.
   Christian Scientists should take their textbook into the
schoolroom the same as other teachers; they should ask
questions from it, and be answered according to it, - occasionally
reading aloud from the book to corroborate what
they teach.  It is also highly important that their pupils
study each lesson before the recitation.
   That these essential points are ever omitted, is anomalous,
when we consider the necessity of thoroughly understanding
Science, and the present liability of deviating
from absolute Christian Science.

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   Centuries will intervene before the statement of the inexhaustible
topics of Science and Health is sufficiently understood
to be fully demonstrated.
   The teacher himself should continue to study this textbook,
and to spiritualize his own thoughts and human life
from this open fount of Truth and Love.
   He who sees clearly and enlightens other minds most
readily, keeps his own lamp trimmed and burning.
Throughout his entire explanations he strictly adheres to
the teachings in the chapter on Recapitulation.  When
closing the class, each member should own a copy of
Science and Health, and continue to study and assimilate
this inexhaustible subject - Christian Science.
   The opinions of men cannot be substituted for God's
revelation.  In times past, arrogant pride, in attempting to
steady the ark of Truth, obscured even the power and
glory of the Scriptures, - to which Science and Health is
the Key.
   That teacher does most for his students who divests himself

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