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most of pride and self, and by reason thereof is able to
empty his students' minds of error, that they may be filled
with Truth.  Thus doing, posterity will call him blessed,
and the tired tongue of history be enriched.
   The less the teacher personally controls other minds, and
the more he trusts them to the divine Truth and Love, the
better it will be for both teacher and student.
   A teacher should take charge only of his own pupils and
patients, and of those who voluntarily place themselves
under his direction; he should avoid leaving his own regular
institute or place of labor, or expending his labor where

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there are other teachers who should be specially responsible
for doing their own work well.
   Teachers of Christian Science will find it advisable to
band together their students into associations, to continue
the organization of churches, and at present they can
employ any other organic operative method that may
commend itself as useful to the Cause and beneficial to
   Of this also rest assured, that books and teaching are but
a ladder let down from the heaven of Truth and Love, upon
which angelic thoughts ascend and descend, bearing on
their pinions of light the Christ-spirit.
   Guard yourselves against the subtly hidden suggestion
that the Son of man will be glorified, or humanity benefited,
by any deviation from the order prescribed by supernal
grace.  Seek to occupy no position whereto you do not feel
that God ordains you.  Never forsake your post without
due deliberation and light, but always wait for God's finger
to point the way.  The loyal Christian Scientist is incapable
alike of abusing the practice of Mind-healing or of healing
on a material basis.
   The tempter is vigilant, awaiting only an opportunity
to divide the ranks of Christian Science and scatter the
sheep abroad; but "if God be for us, who can be against
us?"  The Cause, our Cause, is highly prosperous, rapidly
spreading over the globe; and the morrow will crown the
effort of to-day with a diadem of gems from the New

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