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Caution in the Truth
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is but "the seed within itself," for it is divine Science,
"bearing fruit after its kind."
   Sooner or later the whole human race will learn that, in
proportion as the spotless selfhood of God is understood,
human nature will be renovated, and man will receive a
higher selfhood, derived from God, and the redemption
of mortals from sin, sickness, and death be established on
everlasting foundations.
   The Science of physical harmony, as now presented to
the people in divine light, is radical enough to promote
as forcible collisions of thought as the age has strength
to bear.  Until the heavenly law of health, according to
Christian Science, is firmly grounded, even the thinkers
are not prepared to answer intelligently leading questions
about God and sin, and the world is far from ready to
assimilate such a grand and all-absorbing verity concerning
the divine nature and character as is embraced in the
theory of God's blindness to error and ignorance of sin.
No wise mother, though a graduate of Wellesley College,
will talk to her babe about the problems of Euclid.
   Not much more than a half-century ago the assertion
of universal salvation provoked discussion and horror,
similar to what our declarations about sin and Deity must
arouse, if hastily pushed to the front while the platoons of
Christian Science are not yet thoroughly drilled in the
plainer manual of their spiritual armament.  "Wait
patiently on the Lord;" and in less than another fifty

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years His name will be magnified in the apprehension of
this new subject, as already He is glorified in the wide
extension of belief in the impartial grace of God, -
shown by the changes at Andover Seminary and in multitudes
of other religious folds.
   Nevertheless, though I thus speak, and from my heart
of hearts, it is due both to Christian Science and myself
to make also the following statement:  When I have most
clearly seen and most sensibly felt that the infinite recognizes
no disease, this has not separated me from God, but
has so bound me to Him as to enable me instantaneously to
heal a cancer which had eaten its way to the jugular vein.
   In the same spiritual condition I have been able to replace
dislocated joints and raise the dying to instantaneous
health.  People are now living who can bear witness to
these cures.  Herein is my evidence, from on high, that
the views here promulgated on this subject are correct.
   Certain self-proved propositions pour into my waiting
thought in connection with these experiences; and here is
one such conviction:  that an acknowledgment of the perfection
of the infinite Unseen confers a power nothing else
can.  An incontestable point in divine Science is, that
because God is All, a realization of this fact dispels even
the sense or consciousness of sin, and brings us nearer to
God, bringing out the highest phenomena of the

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