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The Deep Things of God
page 360

Deity then be sinless?  Would God not of necessity take
precedence as the infinite sinner, and human sin become
only an echo of the divine?
   Such vagaries are to be found in heathen religious
history.  There are, or have been, devotees who worship not
the good Deity, who will not harm them, but the bad
deity, who seeks to do them mischief, and whom therefore
they wish to bribe with prayers into quiescence,
as a criminal appeases, with a money-bag, the venal
   Surely this is no Christian worship!  In Christianity,

UN 16

man bows to the infinite perfection which he is bidden to
imitate.  In Truth, such terms as divine sin and infinite
sinner are unheard-of contradictions, - absurdities; but
would they be sheer nonsense, if God has, or can have,
a real knowledge of sin?

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