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   We read in the Hebrew Scriptures, "The soul that
sinneth, it shall die."
   What is Soul?  Is it a reality within the mortal body?
Who can prove that?  Anatomy has not descried nor
described Soul.  It was never touched by the scalpel nor
cut with the dissecting-knife.  The five physical senses do
not cognize it.
   Who, then, dares define Soul as something within man?
As well might you declare some old castle to be peopled
with demons or angels, though never a light or form was
discerned therein, and not a spectre had ever been seen
going in or coming out.
   The common hypotheses about souls are even more
vague than ordinary material conjectures, and have less
basis; because material theories are built on the evidence
of the material senses.
   Soul must be God; since we learn Soul only as we learn
God, by spiritualization.  As the five senses take no cognizance
of Soul, so they take no cognizance of God.  Whatever
cannot be taken in by mortal mind - by human
reflection, reason, or belief - must be the unfathomable
Mind, which "eye hath not seen, nor ear heard."  Soul

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stands in this relation to every hypothesis as to its human
   If Soul sins, it is a sinner, and Jewish law condemned
the sinner to death, - as does all criminal law, to a certain
   Spirit never sins, because Spirit is God.  Hence, as
Spirit, Soul is sinless, and is God.  Therefore there is,
there can be, no spiritual death.
   Transcending the evidence of the material senses,
Science declares God to be the Soul of all being, the only
Mind and intelligence in the universe.  There is but one
God, one Soul, or Mind, and that one is infinite, supplying
all that is absolutely immutable and eternal, - Truth,
Life, Love.
   Science reveals Soul as that which the senses cannot
define from any standpoint of their own.  What the physical
senses miscall soul, Christian Science defines as material
sense; and herein lies the discrepancy between the
true Science of Soul and that material sense of a soul which
that very sense declares can never be seen or measured or
weighed or touched by physicality.
   Often we can elucidate the deep meaning of the Scriptures
by reading sense instead of soul, as in the Forty-second
Psalm: "Why art thou cast down, O my soul
ense]? . . . Hope thou in God oul]:  for I shall yet
praise Him, who is the health of my countenance, and
my God y Soul, immortality]."
   The Virgin-mother's sense being uplifted to behold

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Spirit as the sole origin of man, she exclaimed, "My soul
piritual sense] doth magnify the Lord."
   Human language constantly uses the word soul for
sense.  This it does under the delusion that the senses can
reverse the spiritual facts of Science, whereas Science reverses
the testimony of the material senses.
   Soul is Life, and being spiritual Life, never sins.  Material
sense is the so-called material life.  Hence this lower
sense sins and suffers, according to material belief, till
divine understanding takes away this belief and restores
Soul, or spiritual Life.  "He restoreth my soul," says
   In his first epistle to the Corinthians (xv. 45) Paul writes:
"The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last
Adam was made a quickening spirit."  The apostle refers
to the second Adam as the Messiah, our blessed
Master, whose interpretation of God and His creation -

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