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There is no Matter
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There is no Matter

   "God is a Spirit" (or, more accurately translated,
"God is Spirit"), declares the Scripture (John iv.
24), "and they that worship Him must worship Him in
spirit and in truth."
   If God is Spirit, and God is All, surely there can be no
matter; for the divine All must be Spirit.
   The tendency of Christianity is to spiritualize thought
and action.  The demonstrations of Jesus annulled the
claims of matter, and overruled laws material as emphatically
as they annihilated sin.
   According to Christian Science, the first idolatrous claim
of sin is, that matter exists; the second, that matter is
substance; the third, that matter has intelligence; and
the fourth, that matter, being so endowed, produces life
and death.
   Hence my conscientious position, in the denial of matter,
rests on the fact that matter usurps the authority of God,
Spirit; and the nature and character of matter, the antipode
of Spirit, include all that denies and defies Spirit, in
quantity or quality.
   This subject can be enlarged.  It can be shown, in
detail, that evil does not obtain in Spirit, God; and that
God, or good, is Spirit alone; whereas, evil does, according

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to belief, obtain in matter; and that evil is a false
claim, - false to God, false to Truth and Life.  Hence
the claim of matter usurps the prerogative of God, saying,
"I am a creator.  God made me, and I make man and
the material universe."
   Spirit is the only creator, and man, including the universe,
is His spiritual concept.  By matter is commonly
meant mind, - not the highest Mind, but a false form of
mind.  This so-called mind and matter cannot be separated
in origin and action.
   What is this mind?  It is not the Mind of Spirit; for
spiritualization of thought destroys all sense of matter as
substance, Life, or intelligence, and enthrones God in
the eternal qualities of His being.
   This lower, misnamed mind is a false claim, a suppositional
mind, which I prefer to call mortal mind.  True
Mind is immortal.  This mortal mind declares itself material,
in sin, sickness, and death, virtually saying, "I am
the opposite of Spirit, of holiness, harmony, and Life."
   To this declaration Christian Science responds, even
as did our Master: "You were a murderer from the beginning.
The truth abode not in you.  You are a liar, and
the father of it."  Here it appears that a liar was in the
neuter gender, - neither masculine nor feminine.  Hence
it was not man (the image of God) who lied, but the false
claim to personality, which I call mortal mind; a claim
which Christian Science uncovers, in order to demonstrate
the falsity of the claim.

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   There are lesser arguments which prove matter to be
identical with mortal mind, and this mind a lie.
   The physical senses (matter really having no sense)
give the only pretended testimony there can be as to the
existence of a substance called matter.  Now these senses,
being material, can only testify from their own evidence,
and concerning themselves; yet we have it on divine
authority: "If I bear witness of myself, my witness is
not true."  (John v. 31.)
   In other words:  matter testifies of itself, "I am matter;"
but unless matter is mind, it cannot talk or testify; and
if it is mind, it is certainly not the Mind of Christ, not

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