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Is There no Death?
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Is There no Death?

   Jesus not only declared himself "the way" and "the
truth," but also "the life."  God is Life; and as
there is but one God, there can be but one Life.  Must
man die, then, in order to inherit eternal life and enter
   Our Master said, "The kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Then God and heaven, or Life, are present, and death is
not the real stepping-stone to Life and happiness.  They
are now and here; and a change in human consciousness,
from sin to holiness, would reveal this wonder of being.
Because God is ever present, no boundary of time can
separate us from Him and the heaven of His presence;
and because God is Life, all Life is eternal.
   Is it unchristian to believe there is no death?  Not
unless it be a sin to believe that God is Life and All-in-all.
Evil and disease do not testify of Life and God.
   Human beings are physically mortal, but spiritually
immortal.  The evil accompanying physical personality
is illusive and mortal; but the good attendant upon spiritual
individuality is immortal.  Existing here and now,
this unseen individuality is real and eternal.  The so-called
material senses, and the mortal mind which is misnamed

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man, take no cognizance of spiritual individuality,
which manifests immortality, whose Principle is God.
   To God alone belong the indisputable realities of being.
Death is a contradiction of Life, or God; therefore it is
not in accordance with His law, but antagonistic thereto.
   Death, then, is error, opposed to Truth, - even the
unreality of mortal mind, not the reality of that Mind
which is Life.  Error has no life, and is virtually without
existence.  Life is real; and all is real which proceeds
from Life and is inseparable from it.
   It is unchristian to believe in the transition called material death, since matter has no life, and such misbelief
must enthrone another power, an imaginary life, above
the living and true God.  A material sense of life robs
God, by declaring that not He alone is Life, but that something
else also is life, - thus affirming the existence and
rulership of more gods than one.  This idolatrous and
false sense of life is all that dies, or appears to die.
   The opposite understanding of God brings to light
Life and immortality.  Death has no quality of Life; and
no divine fiat commands us to believe in aught which is
unlike God, or to deny that He is Life eternal.
   Life as God, moral and spiritual good, is not seen in
the mineral, vegetable, or animal kingdoms.  Hence the
inevitable conclusion that Life is not in these kingdoms,
and that the popular views to this effect are not up to the
Christian standard of Life, or equal to the reality of being,
whose Principle is God.

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   When "the Word" is "made flesh" among mortals,
the Truth of Life is rendered practical on the body.
Eternal Life is partially understood; and sickness, sin,
and death yield to holiness, health, and Life, - that is,
to God.  The lust of the flesh and the pride of physical
life must be quenched in the divine essence, - that omnipotent
Love which annihilates hate, that Life which
knows no death.
   "Who hath believed our report?"  Who understands
these sayings?  He to whom the arm of the Lord is revealed.
He loves them from whom divine Science removes
human weakness by divine strength, and who unveil the
Messiah, whose name is Wonderful.
   Man has no underived power.  That selfhood is false

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