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Is There no Death?
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these phenomena appear to go on ad infinitum; but such
a theory implies perpetual disagreement with Spirit.

UN 42

   Life, God, being everywhere, it must follow that death
can be nowhere; because there is no place left for it.
   Soul, Spirit, is deathless.  Matter, sin, and death are
not the outcome of Spirit, holiness, and Life.  What then
are matter, sin, and death?  They can be nothing except
the results of material consciousness; but material consciousness
can have no real existence, because it is not a
living - that is to say, a divine and intelligent - reality.
   That man must be vicious before he can be virtuous,
dying before he can be deathless, material before he can
be spiritual, is an error of the senses; for the very opposite
of this error is the genuine Science of being.
   Man, in Science, is as perfect and immortal now, as
when "the morning stars sang together, and all the sons
of God shouted for joy."
   With Christ, Life was not merely a sense of existence,
but a sense of might and ability to subdue material conditions.
No wonder "people were astonished at his doctrine;
for he taught them as one having authority, and
not as the scribes."
   As defined by Jesus, Life had no beginning; nor was
it the result of organization, or of an infusion of power
into matter.  To him, Life was Spirit.
   Truth, defiant of error or matter, is Science, dispelling
a false sense and leading man into the true sense of selfhood
and Godhood; wherein the mortal does not develop
the immortal, nor the material the spiritual, but wherein
true manhood and womanhood go forth in the radiance

UN 43

of eternal being and its perfections, unchanged and
   This generation seems too material for any strong demonstration
over death, and hence cannot bring out the
infinite reality of Life, - namely, that there is no death,
but only Life.  The present mortal sense of being is too
finite for anchorage in infinite good, God, because mortals
now believe in the possibility that Life can be evil.
   The achievement of this ultimatum of Science, complete
triumph over death, requires time and immense
spiritual growth.
   I have by no means spoken of myself, I cannot speak
of myself as "sufficient for these things."  I insist only
upon the fact, as it exists in divine Science, that man dies
not, and on the words of the Master in support of this
verity, - words which can never "pass away till all be
   Because of these profound reasons I urge Christians
to have more faith in living than in dying.  I exhort them
to accept Christ's promise, and unite the influence of their
own thoughts with the power of his teachings, in the
Science of being.  This will interpret the divine power to
human capacity, and enable us to apprehend, or lay hold
upon, "that for which," as Paul says in the third chapter
of Philippians, we are also "apprehended of r grasped
by] Christ Jesus," - the ever-present Life which knows
no death, the omnipresent Spirit which knows no matter.

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