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evil.  Individuality and Life were real to him only as
spiritual and good, not as material or evil.  This incensed
the rabbins against Jesus, because it was an indignity to
their personality; and this personality they regarded as
both good and evil, as is still claimed by the worldly-wise.
To them evil was even more the ego than was the good.
Sin, sickness, and death were evil's concomitants.  This
evil ego they believed must extend throughout the universe,
as being equally identical and self-conscious with
God.  This ego was in the earthquake, thunderbolt, and
   The Pharisees fought Jesus on this issue.  It furnished
the battle-ground of the past, as it does of the present.
The fight was an effort to enthrone evil.  Jesus assumed

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the burden of disproof by destroying sin, sickness, and
death, to sight and sense.
   Nowhere in Scripture is evil connected with good, the
being of God, and with every passing hour it is losing its
false claim to existence or consciousness.  All that can
exist is God and His idea.

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