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and matter has neither Mind nor sensation.
Like evil, it is destitute of Mind, for Mind is God.
   The less consciousness of evil or matter mortals have,
the easier it is for them to evade sin, sickness, and death,
- which are but states of false belief, - and awake from
the troubled dream, a consciousness which is without
Mind or Maker.
   Matter and evil cannot be conscious, and consciousness
should not be evil.  Adopt this rule of Science, and you
will discover the material origin, growth, maturity, and
death of sinners, as the history of man, disappears, and the

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everlasting facts of being appear, wherein man is the reflection
of immutable good.
   Reasoning from false premises, - that Life is material,
that immortal Soul is sinful, and hence that sin is eternal,
- the reality of being is neither seen, felt, heard, nor
understood.  Human philosophy and human reason can
never make one hair white or black, except in belief;
whereas the demonstration of God, as in Christian Science,
is gained through Christ as perfect manhood.
   In pantheism the world is bereft of its God, whose
place is ill supplied by the pretentious usurpation, by
matter, of the heavenly sovereignty.

   What say you of woman?

   Man is the generic term for all humanity.  Woman is
the highest species of man, and this word is the generic
term for all women; but not one of all these individualities
is an Eve or an Adam.  They have none of them lost their
harmonious state, in the economy of God's wisdom and
   The Ego is divine consciousness, eternally radiating
throughout all space in the idea of God, good, and not of
His opposite, evil.  The Ego is revealed as Father, Son,
and Holy Ghost; but the full Truth is found only in
divine Science, where we see God as Life, Truth, and
Love.  In the scientific relation of man to God, man is
reflected not as human soul, but as the divine ideal, whose
Soul is not in body, but is God, - the divine Principle of

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man.  Hence Soul is sinless and immortal, in contradistinction
to the supposition that there can be sinful souls or
immortal sinners.
   This Science of God and man is the Holy Ghost, which
reveals and sustains the unbroken and eternal harmony
of both God and the universe.  It is the kingdom of heaven,
the ever-present reign of harmony, already with us.  Hence
the need that human consciousness should become divine,
in the coincidence of God and man, in contradistinction
to the false consciousness of both good and evil, God and
devil, - of man separated from his Maker.  This is the
precious redemption of soul, as mortal sense, through
Christ's immortal sense of Truth, which presents Truth's
spiritual idea, man and woman.

   What say you of evil?

   God is not the so-called ego of evil; for evil, as a supposition,
is the father of itself, - of the material world,
the flesh, and the devil.  From this falsehood arise the
self-destroying elements of this world, its unkind forces,
its tempests, lightnings, earthquakes, poisons, rabid
beasts, fatal reptiles, and mortals.
   Why are earth and mortals so elaborate in beauty, color,
and form, if God has no part in them?  By the law of
opposites.  The most beautiful blossom is often poisonous,
and the most beautiful mansion is sometimes the home of
vice.  The senses, not God, Soul, form the condition of
beautiful evil, and the supposed modes of self-conscious

UN 53

matter, which make a beautiful lie.  Now a lie takes its

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