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Suffering from Others' Thoughts
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this infallible verdict; but he neither held her error by
affinity nor by infirmity, for it was detected and dismissed.
   This gospel of suffering brought life and bliss.  This
is earth's Bethel in stone, - its pillow, supporting the
ladder which reaches heaven.
   Suffering was the confirmation of Paul's faith.  Through
"a thorn in the flesh" he learned that spiritual grace was
sufficient for him.
   Peter rejoiced that he was found worthy to suffer for
Christ; because to suffer with him is to reign with him.
   Sorrow is the harbinger of joy.  Mortal throes of anguish
forward the birth of immortal being; but divine Science
wipes away all tears.
   The only conscious existence in the flesh is error of some

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sort, - sin, pain, death, - a false sense of life and happiness.
Mortals, if at ease in so-called existence, are in their
native element of error, and must become dis-eased, disquieted,
before error is annihilated.
   Jesus walked with bleeding feet the thorny earth-road,
treading "the winepress alone."  His persecutors said
mockingly, "Save thyself, and come down from the cross."
This was the very thing he was doing, coming down from
the cross, saving himself after the manner that he had
taught, by the law of Spirit's supremacy; and this was
done through what is humanly called agony.
   Even the ice-bound hypocrite melts in fervent heat,
before he apprehends Christ as "the way."  The Master's
sublime triumph over all mortal mentality was immortality's
goal.  He was too wise not to be willing to test the
full compass of human woe, being "in all points tempted
like as we are, yet without sin."
   Thus the absolute unreality of sin, sickness, and death
was revealed, - a revelation that beams on mortal sense
as the midnight sun shines over the Polar Sea.

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