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   All that is, God created.  If sin has any pretense of
existence, God is responsible therefor; but there is
no reality in sin, for God can no more behold it, or acknowledge
it, than the sun can coexist with darkness.
   To build the individual spiritual sense, conscious of
only health, holiness, and heaven, on the foundations of
an eternal Mind which is conscious of sickness, sin, and
death, is a moral impossibility; for "other foundation
can no man lay than that is laid."  (1 Corinthians iii. 11.)
The nearer we approximate to such a Mind, even if it were
(or could be) God, the more real those mind-pictures would
become to us; until the hope of ever eluding their dread
presence must yield to despair, and the haunting sense
of evil forever accompany our being.
   Mortals may climb the smooth glaciers, leap the dark
fissures, scale the treacherous ice, and stand on the summit
of Mont Blanc; but they can never turn back what
Deity knoweth, nor escape from identification with what
dwelleth in the eternal Mind.

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