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Dedicatory Sermon
page 391

doctrines, - spiritual understanding, not mere belief,
gain the ear and right hand of omnipotence, and call down
blessings infinite.  "Faith without works is dead."  The
foundation of enlightened faith is Christ's teachings and

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practice.  It was our Master's self-immolation, his lifegiving
love, healing both mind and body, that raised the
deadened conscience, paralyzed by inactive faith, to a
quickened sense of mortal's necessities, - and God's
power and purpose to supply them.  It was, in the words
of the Psalmist, He "who forgiveth all thine iniquities;
who healeth all thy diseases."
   Rome's fallen fanes and silent Aventine is glory's tomb;
her pomp and power lie low in dust.  Our land, more
favored, had its Pilgrim Fathers.  On shores of solitude,
at Plymouth Rock, they planted a nation's heart, - the
rights of conscience, imperishable glory.  No dream of
avarice or ambition broke their exalted purpose, theirs
was the wish to reign in hope's reality - the realm of
   Christian Scientists, you have planted your standard
on the rock of Christ, the true, the spiritual idea, - the
chief corner-stone in the house of our God.  And our
Master said: "The stone which the builders rejected, the
same is become the head of the corner."  If you are less
appreciated to-day than your forefathers, wait - for if
you are as devout as they, and more scientific, as progress
certainly demands, your plant is immortal.  Let us rejoice
that chill vicissitudes have not withheld the timely shelter
of this house, which descended like day-spring from on
   Divine presence, breathe Thou Thy blessing on every
heart in this house.  Speak out, O soul!  This is the newborn
of Spirit, this is His redeemed; this, His beloved.
May the kingdom of God within you, - with you alway, -

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reascending, bear you outward, upward, heavenward.
May the sweet song of silver-throated singers, making
melody more real, and the organ's voice, as the sound of
many waters, and the Word spoken in this sacred temple
dedicated to the ever-present God - mingle with the joy
of angels and rehearse your hearts' holy intents.  May all
whose means, energies, and prayers helped erect The
Mother Church, find within it home, and heaven.

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