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marble stairs of rose pink, and marble approaches.
   The vestibule is a fitting entrance to this magnificent
temple.  In the ceiling is a sunburst with a seven-pointed
star, which illuminates it.  From this are the entrances
leading to the auditorium, the "Mother's Room," and
the directors' room.
   The auditorium is seated with pews of curly birch, upholstered
in old rose plush.  The floor is in white Italian
mosaic, with frieze of the old rose, and the wainscoting
repeats the same tints.  The base and cap are of pink
Tennessee marble.  On the walls are bracketed oxidized
silver lamps of Roman design, and there are frequent
illuminated texts from the Bible and from Mrs. Eddy's
"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" impanelled.
A sunburst in the centre of the ceiling takes
the place of chandeliers.  There is a disc of cut glass in

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decorative designs, covering one hundred and forty-four
electric lights in the form of a star, which is twenty-one
inches from point to point, the centre being of pure white
light, and each ray under prisms which reflect the rainbow
tints.  The galleries are richly panelled in relief work.
The organ and choir gallery is spacious and rich beyond
the power of words to depict.  The platform - corresponding
to the chancel of an Episcopal church - is a
mosaic work, with richly carved seats following the sweep
of its curve, with a lamp stand of the Renaissance period
on either end, bearing six richly wrought oxidized silver
lamps, eight feet in height.  The great organ comes from
Detroit.  It is one of vast compass, with Aeolian attachment,
and cost eleven thousand dollars.  It is the gift of
a single individual - a votive offering of gratitude for the
healing of the wife of the donor.
   The chime of bells includes fifteen, of fine range and
perfect tone.

The "Mother's Room"

   The "Mother's Room" is approached by an entrance of
Italian marble, and over the door, in large golden letters on
a marble tablet, is the word "Love."  In this room the
mosaic marble floor of white has a Romanesque border and
is decorated with sprays of fig leaves bearing fruit.  The
room is toned in pale green with relief in old rose.  The
mantel is of onyx and gold.  Before the great bay window
hangs an Athenian lamp over two hundred years old,
which will be kept always burning day and night. *1  Leading

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off the "Mother's Room" are toilet apartments, with
full-length French mirrors and every convenience.

At Mrs. Eddy's request the lamp was not kept burning.
  The directors' room is very beautiful in marble approaches
and rich carving, and off this is a vault for the
safe preservation of papers.
   The vestry seats eight hundred people, and opening from
it are three large class-rooms and the pastor's study.
   The windows are a remarkable feature of this temple.
There are no "memorial" windows; the entire church is a
testimonial, not a memorial - a point that the members
strongly insist upon.
   In the auditorium are two rose windows - one representing
the heavenly city which "cometh down from God
out of heaven," with six small windows beneath, emblematic
of the six water-pots referred to in John ii. 6.  The
other rose window represents the raising of the daughter
of Jairus.  Beneath are two small windows bearing palms
of victory, and others with lamps, typical of Science and
   Another great window tells its pictorial story of the four
Marys - the mother of Jesus, Mary anointing the head of
Jesus, Mary washing the feet of Jesus, Mary at the resurrection;

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