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and the woman spoken of in the Apocalypse,
chapter 12, God-crowned.
   One more window in the auditorium represents the
raising of Lazarus.
   In the gallery are windows representing John on the
Isle of Patmos, and others of pictorial significance.  In
the "Mother's Room" the windows are of still more unique
interest.  A large bay window, composed of three separate

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panels, is designed to be wholly typical of the work of Mrs.
Eddy.  The central panel represents her in solitude and
meditation, searching the Scriptures by the light of a single
candle, while the star of Bethlehem shines down from above.
Above this is a panel containing the Christian Science seal,
and other panels are decorated with emblematic designs,
with the legends, "Heal the Sick," "Raise the Dead,"
"Cleanse the Lepers," and "Cast out Demons."
   The cross and the crown and the star are presented in
appropriate decorative effect.  The cost of this church is
two hundred and twenty-one thousand dollars, exclusive
of the land - a gift from Mrs. Eddy - which is valued
at some forty thousand dollars.

The Order of Service

   The order of service in the Christian Science Church
does not differ widely from that of any other sect, save that
its service includes the use of Mrs. Eddy's book, entitled
"Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," in perhaps
equal measure to its use of the Bible.  The reading
is from the two alternately; the singing is from a compilation
called the "Christian Science Hymnal," but its songs
are for the most part those devotional hymns from Herbert,
Faber, Robertson, Wesley, Bowring, and other recognized
devotional poets, with selections from Whittier and
Lowell, as are found in the hymn-books of the Unitarian
churches.  For the past year or two Judge Hanna, formerly
of Chicago, has filled the office of pastor to the
church in this city, which held its meetings in Chickering

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Hall, and later in Copley Hall, in the new Grundmann
Studio Building on Copley Square.  Preceding Judge
Hanna were Rev. D. A. Easton and Rev. L. P. Norcross,
both of whom had formerly been Congregational clergymen.
The organizer and first pastor of the church here
was Mrs. Eddy herself, of whose work I shall venture to
speak, a little later, in this article.
   Last Sunday I gave myself the pleasure of attending the
service held in Copley Hall.  The spacious apartment was
thronged with a congregation whose remarkable earnestness
impressed the observer.  There was no straggling
of late-comers.  Before the appointed hour every seat in the
hall was filled and a large number of chairs pressed into
service for the overflowing throng.  The music was spirited,
and the selections from the Bible and from Science and
Health were finely read by Judge Hanna.  Then came his
sermon, which dealt directly with the command of Christ
to "heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast
out demons."  In his admirable discourse Judge Hanna
said that while all these injunctions could, under certain
conditions, be interpreted and fulfilled literally, the
special lesson was to be taken spiritually - to cleanse the
leprosy of sin, to cast out the demons of evil thought.
The discourse was able, and helpful in its suggestive

The Church Members

   Later I was told that almost the entire congregation was
composed of persons who had either been themselves, or

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had seen members of their own families, healed by Christian
Science treatment; and I was further told that once
when a Boston clergyman remonstrated with Judge Hanna

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