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lilies resting on palms, with a centre of white immortelles,
upon which in letters of red were the words: "Love-Children's
Offering - 1894."
   In the choir and the steps of the platform were potted
palms and ferns and Easter lilies.  The desk was wreathed
with ferns and pure white roses fastened with a broad
ribbon bow.  On its right was a large basket of white
carnations resting on a mat of palms, and on its left a vase
filled with beautiful pink roses.

PUL 43

   Two combined choirs - that of First Church of Christ,
Scientist, of New York, and the choir of the home church,
numbering thirty-five singers in all - led the singing,
under the direction, respectively, of Mr. Henry Lincoln
Case and Miss Elsie Lincoln.
   Judge S. J. Hanna, editor of The Christian Science
Journal, presided over the exercises.  On the platform
with him were Messrs. Ira O. Knapp, Joseph Armstrong,
Stephen A. Chase, and William B. Johnson, who compose
the Board of Directors, and Mrs. Henrietta Clark Bemis,
a distinguished elocutionist, and a native of Concord, New
   The utmost simplicity marked the exercises.  After an
organ voluntary, the hymn, "Laus Deo, it is done!"
written by Mrs. Eddy for the corner-stone laying last
spring, was sung by the congregation.  Selections from the
Scriptures and from "Science and Health with Key to the
Scriptures," were read by Judge Hanna and Dr. Eddy.
   A few minutes of silent prayer came next, followed by
the recitation of the Lord's Prayer, with its spiritual interpretation
as given in the Christian Science textbook.
   The sermon prepared for the occasion by Mrs. Eddy,
which was looked forward to as the chief feature of the
dedication, was then read by Mrs. Bemis.  Mrs. Eddy
remained at her home in Concord, N. H., during the day,
because, as heretofore stated in The Herald, it is her
custom to discourage among her followers that sort of
personal worship which religious teachers so often receive.
   Before presenting the sermon, Mrs. Bemis read the following
letter from a former pastor of the church: -

PUL 44

   "To Rev. Mary Baker Eddy
   "Dear Teacher, Leader, Guide: - 'Laus Deo, it is done!'
At last you begin to see the fruition of that you have worked,
toiled, prayed for.  The 'prayer in stone' is accomplished.
Across two thousand miles of space, as mortal sense puts
it, I send my hearty congratulations.  You are fully occupied,
but I thought you would willingly pause for an
instant to receive this brief message of congratulation.
Surely it marks an era in the blessed onward work of
Christian Science.  It is a most auspicious hour in your
eventful career.  While we all rejoice, yet the mother in
Israel, alone of us all, comprehends its full significance.
                                        "Yours lovingly,
                                        "Lanson P. Norcross"

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