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he Outlook, New York, January 19, 1895]

   A great Christian Science church was dedicated in Boston
on Sunday, the 6th inst.  It is located at Norway and
Falmouth Streets, and is intended to be a testimonial to

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the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, the
Rev. Mary Baker Eddy.  The building is fire-proof, and
cost over two hundred thousand dollars.  It is entirely
paid for, and contributions for its erection came from every
State in the Union, and from many lands.  The auditorium
is said to seat between fourteen and fifteen hundred, and
was thronged at the four services on the day of dedication.
The sermon, prepared by Mrs. Eddy, was read by Mrs.
Bemis.  It rehearsed the significance of the building, and
reenunciated the truths which will find emphasis there.
From the description we judge that it is one of the most
beautiful buildings in Boston, and, indeed, in all New
England.  Whatever may be thought of the peculiar tenets
of the Christian Scientists, and whatever difference of
opinion there may be concerning the organization of such
a church, there can be no question but that the adherents
of this church have proved their faith by their works.

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