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Science Board of Directors - Ira O. Knapp, Edward P.
Bates, Stephen A. Chase, - gentlemen officially connected
with the movement.  The children of believing families
collected the money for the Mother's Room, and seats were
especially set apart for them at the second dedicatory
service.  Before one service was over and the auditors left
by the rear doors, the front vestibule and street (despite

PUL 60

the snowstorm) were crowded with others, waiting for
   On the next Sunday the new order of service went
into operation.  There was no address of any sort, no
notices, no explanation of Bible or their textbook.  Judge
Hanna, who was a Colorado lawyer before coming into
this work, presided, reading in clear, manly, and intelligent
tones, the Quarterly Bible Lesson, which happened
that day to be on Jesus' miracle of loaves and fishes.
Each paragraph he supplemented first with illustrative
Scripture parallels, as set down for him, and then by passages
selected for him from Mrs. Eddy's book.  The place
was again crowded, many having remained over a week
from among the thousands of adherents who had come
to Boston for this auspicious occasion from all parts of
the country.  The organ, made by Farrand & Votey in
Detroit, at a cost of eleven thousand dollars, is the gift of
a wealthy Universalist gentleman, but was not ready for
the opening.  It is to fill the recess behind the spacious
platform, and is described as containing pneumatic windchests
throughout, and having an Aeolian attachment.
It is of three-manual compass, C.C.C. to C. 4, 61 notes;
and pedal compass, C.C.C. to F. 30.  The great organ
has double open diapason (stopped bass), open diapason,
dulciana, viola di gamba, doppel flute, hohl flute, octave,
octave quint, superoctave, and trumpet, - 61 pipes each.
The swell organ has bourdon, open diapason, salicional,
aeoline, stopped diapason, gemshorn, flute harmonique,
flageolet, cornet - 3 ranks, 183, - cornopean, oboe, vox
humana - 61 pipes each.  The choir organ, enclosed in

PUL 61

separate swell-box, has geigen principal, dolce, concert
flute, quintadena, fugara, flute d'amour, piccolo harmonique,
clarinet, - 61 pipes each.  The pedal organ has
open diapason, bourdon, lieblich gedeckt (from stop 10),
violoncello-wood, - 30 pipes each.  Couplers:  swell to
great; choir to great; swell to choir; swell to great octaves,
swell to great sub-octaves; choir to great suboctaves;
swell octaves; swell to pedal; great to pedal;
choir to pedal.  Mechanical accessories:  swell tremulant,
choir tremulant, bellows signal; wind indicator.  Pedal
movements:  three affecting great and pedal stops, three
affecting swell and pedal stops; great to pedal reversing
pedal; crescendo and full organ pedal; balanced great
and choir pedal; balanced swell pedal.
   Beautiful suggestions greet you in every part of this
unique church, which is practical as well as poetic, and
justifies the name given by Mrs. Eddy, which stands at
the head of this sketch.
                                        J. H. W.

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