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   It is not generally known that a Christian Science congregation
was organized in this city about a year ago.  It
now holds regular services in the parlor of the residence
of the pastor, at 1414 Linden Avenue.  The dedication in
Boston last Sunday of the Christian Science church, called
The Mother Church, which cost over two hundred thousand
dollars, adds interest to the Baltimore organization.
There are many other church edifices in the United States
owned by Christian Scientists.  Christian Science was
founded by Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy.  The Baltimore congregation
was organized at a meeting held at the present
location on February 27, 1894.

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   Dr. Hammond, the pastor, came to Baltimore about
three years ago to organize this movement.  Miss Cross
came from Syracuse, N. Y., about eighteen months ago.
Both were under the instruction of Mrs. Mary Baker
Eddy, the Founder of the movement.
   Dr. Hammond says he was converted to Christian Science
by being cured by Mrs. Eddy of a physical ailment
some twelve years ago, after several doctors had pronounced
his case incurable.  He says they use no medicines, but
rely on Mind for cure, believing that disease comes from
evil and sick-producing thoughts, and that, if they can so
fill the mind with good thoughts as to leave no room there
for the bad, they can work a cure.  He distinguishes Christian
Science from the faith-cure, and added: "This Christian
Science really is a return to the ideas of primitive
Christianity.  It would take a small book to explain fully
all about it, but I may say that the fundamental idea is that
God is Mind, and we interpret the Scriptures wholly from
the spiritual or metaphysical standpoint.  We find in this
view of the Bible the power fully developed to heal the
sick.  It is not faith-cure, but it is an acknowledgment of
certain Christian and scientific laws, and to work a cure the
practitioner must understand these laws aright.  The
patient may gain a better understanding than the Church
has had in the past.  All churches have prayed for the cure
of disease, but they have not done so in an intelligent manner,
understanding and demonstrating the Christ-healing."

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