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he Reporter, Lebanon, Ind., January 18, 1895]

   Remarkable Career of Rev. Mary Baker Eddy, Who Has
   Over One Hundred Thousand Followers

   Rev. Mary Baker Eddy, Discoverer and Founder of
Christian Science, author of its textbook, "Science and
Health with Key to the Scriptures," president of the Massachusetts
Metaphysical College, and first pastor of the
Christian Science denomination, is without doubt one of
the most remarkable women in America.  She has within a
few years founded a sect that has over one hundred thousand
converts, and very recently saw completed in Boston,
as a testimonial to her labors, a handsome fire-proof church
that cost two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and was
paid for by Christian Scientists all over the country.
   Mrs. Eddy asserts that in 1866 she became certain that
"all causation was Mind, and every effect a mental
phenomenon."  Taking her text from the Bible, she endeavored
in vain to find the great curative Principle - the Deity
- in philosophy and schools of medicine, and she concluded
that the way of salvation demonstrated by Jesus
was the power of Truth over all error, sin, sickness, and
death.  Thus originated the divine or spiritual Science of
Mind-healing, which she termed Christian Science.  She
has a palatial home in Boston and a country-seat in
Concord, N. H.  The Christian Science Church has a

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membership of four thousand, and eight hundred of the
members are Bostonians.

. Y. Commercial Advertiser, January 9, 1895]

   The idea that Christian Science has declined in popularity
is not borne out by the voluntary contribution of a
quarter of a million dollars for a memorial church for Mrs.
Eddy, the inventor of this cure.  The money comes from
Christian Science believers exclusively.

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