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he Post, Syracuse, New York, February 1, 1895]

   Christian Scientists of Syracuse Surprised at the News
   About Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy, Founder of the Faith

   Christian Scientists in this city, and in fact all over the
country, have been startled and greatly discomfited over
the announcements in New York papers that Mrs. Mary
Baker G. Eddy, the acknowledged Christian Science
Leader, has been exalted by various dignitaries of the
faith. . . .
   It is well known that Mrs. Eddy has resigned herself
completely to the study and foundation of the faith to which
many thousands throughout the United States are now so
entirely devoted.  By her followers and cobelievers she is
unquestionably looked upon as having a divine mission to

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fulfil, and as though inspired in her great task by supernatural
   For the purpose of learning the feeling of Scientists in this
city toward the reported deification of Mrs. Eddy, a Post
reporter called upon a few of the leading members of the
faith yesterday and had a number of very interesting conversations
upon the subject.
   Mrs. D. W. Copeland of University Avenue was one of
the first to be seen.  Mrs. Copeland is a very pleasant and
agreeable lady, ready to converse, and evidently very much
absorbed in the work to which she has given so much of
her attention.  Mrs. Copeland claims to have been healed
a number of years ago by Christian Scientists, after she
had practically been given up by a number of well-known
   "And for the past eleven years," said Mrs. Copeland,
"I have not taken any medicine or drugs of any kind, and
yet have been perfectly well."
   In regard to Mrs. Eddy, Mrs. Copeland said that she
was the Founder of the faith, but that she had never
claimed, nor did she believe that Mrs. Lathrop had, that
Mrs. Eddy had any power other than that which came
from God and through faith in Him and His teachings.
   "The power of Christ has been dormant in mankind for
ages," added the speaker, "and it was Mrs. Eddy's mission
to revive it.  In our labors we take Christ as an example,
going about doing good and healing the sick.  Christ has
told us to do his work, naming as one great essential that
we have faith in him.
   "Did you ever hear of Jesus' taking medicine himself, or

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giving it to others?" inquired the speaker.  "Then why
should we worry ourselves about sickness and disease?
If we become sick, God will care for us, and will send to
us those who have faith, who believe in His unlimited and
divine power.  Mrs. Eddy was strictly an ardent follower
after God.  She had faith in Him, and she cured herself of
a deathly disease through the mediation of her God.  Then
she secluded herself from the world for three years and
studied and meditated over His divine Word.  She delved
deep into the Biblical passages, and at the end of the period
came from her seclusion one of the greatest Biblical scholars
of the age.  Her mission was then the mission of a
Christian, to do good and heal the sick, and this duty she
faithfully performed.  She of herself had no power.  But
God has fulfilled His promises to her and to the world.
If you have faith, you can move mountains."
   Mrs. Henrietta N. Cole is also a very prominent member
of the church.  When seen yesterday she emphasized herself
as being of the same theory as Mrs. Copeland.  Mrs.
Cole has made a careful and searching study in the beliefs

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