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ew York Herald, February 6, 1895]

y Telegraph to the Herald]

   Concord, N. H., February 4, 1895. - The article published
in the Herald on January 29, regarding a statement
made by Mrs. Laura Lathrop, pastor of the Christian Science
congregation that meets every Sunday in Hodgson
Hall, New York, was shown to Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy,
the Christian Science "Discoverer," to-day.
   Mrs. Eddy preferred to prepare a written answer to the
interrogatory, which she did in this letter, addressed to the
editor of the Herald: -

   "A despatch is given me, calling for an interview to answer
for myself, 'Am I the second Christ?'
   "Even the question shocks me.  What I am is for God
to declare in His infinite mercy.  As it is, I claim nothing
more than what I am, the Discoverer and Founder of
Christian Science, and the blessing it has been to mankind
which eternity enfolds.
   "I think Mrs. Lathrop was not understood.  If she said
aught with intention to be thus understood, it is not what
I have taught her, and not at all as I have heard her talk.
   "My books and teachings maintain but one conclusion
and statement of the Christ and the deification of mortals.
   "Christ is individual, and one with God, in the sense
of divine Love and its compound divine ideal.
   "There was, is, and never can be but one God, one

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Christ, one Jesus of Nazareth.  Whoever in any age expresses
most of the spirit of Truth and Love, the Principle
of God's idea, has most of the spirit of Christ, of that Mind
which was in Christ Jesus.
   "If Christian Scientists find in my writings, teachings,
and example a greater degree of this spirit than in others,
they can justly declare it.  But to think or speak of me in
any manner as a Christ, is sacrilegious.  Such a statement
would not only be false, but the absolute antipode of Christian
Science, and would savor more of heathenism than of
my doctrines.
                                        "Mary Baker Eddy"

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