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he Globe, Toronto, Canada, January 12, 1895]

   Dedication to the Founder of the Order of a Beautiful
   Church at Boston - Many Toronto Scientists Present

   The Christian Scientists of Toronto, to the number of
thirty, took part in the ceremonies at Boston last Sunday
and for the day or two following, by which the members
of that faith all over North America celebrated the dedication
of the church constructed in the great New England
capital as a testimonial to the Discoverer and Founder of
Christian Science, Rev. Mary Baker Eddy.
   The temple is believed to be the most nearly fire-proof
church structure on the continent, the only combustible

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material used in its construction being that used in the
doors and pews.  A striking feature of the church is a
beautiful apartment known as the "Mother's Room,"
which is approached through a superb archway of Italian
marble set in the wall.  The furnishing of the "Mother's
Room" is described as "particularly beautiful, and blends
harmoniously with the pale green and gold decoration of the
walls.  The floor is of mosaic in elegant designs, and two
alcoves are separated from the apartment by rich hangings
of deep green plush, which in certain lights has a shimmer
of silver.  The furniture frames are of white mahogany
in special designs, elaborately carved, and the upholstery
is in white and gold tapestry.  A superb mantel of Mexican
onyx with gold decoration adorns the south wall, and before
the hearth is a large rug composed entirely of skins of the
eider-down duck, brought from the Arctic regions.  Pictures
and bric-a-brac everywhere suggest the tribute of
loving friends.  One of the two alcoves is a retiring-room
and the other a lavatory in which the plumbing is all
heavily plated with gold."

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