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eople and Patriot, Concord, N. H., February 27, 1895]

   Members of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, at
Boston, have forwarded to Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy of

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this city, the Founder of Christian Science, a testimonial
which is probably one of the most magnificent examples
of the goldsmith's art ever wrought in this country.  It is
in the form of a gold scroll, twenty-six inches long, nine
inches wide, and an eighth of an inch thick.
   It bears upon its face the following inscription, cut in
script letters: -

   "Dear Mother: - During the year 1894 a church edifice
was erected at the intersection of Falmouth and Norway
Streets, in the city of Boston, by the loving hands of
four thousand members.  This edifice is built as a testimonial
to Truth, as revealed by divine Love through you
to this age.  You are hereby most lovingly invited to visit
and formally accept this testimonial on the 20th day of
February, 1895, at high noon.
   "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, at Boston, Mass.
                                        "By Edward P. Bates,
                                        "Caroline S. Bates

   "To the Rev. Mary Baker Eddy,
   "Boston, January 6, 1895"

   Attached by a white ribbon to the scroll is a gold key
to the church door.
   The testimonial is encased in a white satin-lined box
of rich green velvet.
   The scroll is on exhibition in the window of J. C.
Derby's jewelry store.

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