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he Christian Science Journal, January, 1895]

   The Mother Church edifice - The First Church of
Christ, Scientist, in Boston, is erected.  The close of the
year, Anno Domini 1894, witnessed the completion of
"our prayer in stone," all predictions and prognostications
to the contrary notwithstanding.
   Of the significance of this achievement we shall not
undertake to speak in this article.  It can be better felt
than expressed.  All who are awake thereto have some
measure of understanding of what it means.  But only
the future will tell the story of its mighty meaning or unfold
it to the comprehension of mankind.  It is enough for
us now to know that all obstacles to its completion have
been met and overcome, and that our temple is completed
as God intended it should be.
   This achievement is the result of long years of untiring,
unselfish, and zealous effort on the part of our beloved
teacher and Leader, the Reverend Mary Baker Eddy,
the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, who

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nearly thirty years ago began to lay the foundation of
this temple, and whose devotion and consecration to God
and humanity during the intervening years have made
its erection possible.
   Those who now, in part, understand her mission, turn
their hearts in gratitude to her for her great work, and
those who do not understand it will, in the fulness of time,
see and acknowledge it.  In the measure in which she has
unfolded and demonstrated divine Love, and built up in
human consciousness a better and higher conception of
God as Life, Truth, and Love, - as the divine Principle
of all things which really exist, - and in the degree in
which she has demonstrated the system of healing of Jesus
and the apostles, surely she, as the one chosen of God to
this end, is entitled to the gratitude and love of all who
desire a better and grander humanity, and who believe
it to be possible to establish the kingdom of heaven upon
earth in accordance with the prayer and teachings of
Jesus Christ.

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