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oncord Evening Monitor, March 23, 1895]

   To Rev. Mary Baker Eddy, from The First Church of
   Christ, Scientist, in Boston

   Rev. Mary Baker Eddy received Friday, from the Christian
Science Board of Directors, Boston, a beautiful and
unique testimonial of the appreciation of her labors and
loving generosity in the Cause of their common faith.  It
was a facsimile of the corner-stone of the new church of

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the Christian Scientists, just completed, being of granite,
about six inches in each dimension, and contains a solid
gold box, upon the cover of which is this inscription: -
   "To our Beloved Teacher, the Reverend Mary Baker
Eddy, Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, from
her affectionate Students, the Christian Science Board of
   On the under side of the cover are the facsimile signatures
of the Directors, - Ira O. Knapp, William B.
Johnson, Joseph Armstrong, and Stephen A. Chase,
with the date, "1895."  The beautiful souvenir is encased
in an elegant plush box.
   Accompanying the stone testimonial was the following
address from the Board of Directors: -

                                        Boston, March 20, 1895
   To the Reverend Mary Baker Eddy, our Beloved
Teacher and Leader: - We are happy to announce to you
the completion of The First Church of Christ, Scientist,
in Boston.
   In behalf of your loving students and all contributors
wherever they may be, we hereby present this church to
you as a testimonial of love and gratitude for your labors
and loving sacrifice, as the Discoverer and Founder of
Christian Science, and the author of its textbook, "Science
and Health with Key to the Scriptures."
   We therefore respectfully extend to you the invitation
to become the permanent pastor of this church, in connection
with the Bible and the book alluded to above,
which you have already ordained as our pastor.  And we

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most cordially invite you to be present and take charge
of any services that may be held therein.  We especially
desire you to be present on the twenty-fourth day of March,
eighteen hundred and ninety-five, to accept this offering,
with our humble benediction.
\   Lovingly yours,
\   Ira O. Knapp,   Joseph Armstrong,
\   William B. Johnson,   Stephen A. Chase,
\The Christian Science Board of Directors

Rev. Mrs. Eddy's Reply

   Beloved Directors and Brethren: - For your costly offering,
and kind call to the pastorate of "The First Church
of Christ, Scientist," in Boston - accept my profound
thanks.  But permit me, respectfully, to decline their acceptance,
while I fully appreciate your kind intentions.
If it will comfort you in the least, make me your Pastor
Emeritus, nominally.  Through my book, your textbook,
I already speak to you each Sunday.  You ask too much
when asking me to accept your grand church edifice.  I
have more of earth now, than I desire, and less of heaven;
so pardon my refusal of that as a material offering.  More
effectual than the forum are our states of mind, to bless
mankind.  This wish stops not with my pen - God give
you grace.  As our church's tall tower detains the sun,

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