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His example is, to Christian Scientists, what the models
of the masters in music and painting are to artists.
   Genuine Christian Scientists will no more deviate morally
from that divine digest of Science called the Sermon
on the Mount, than they will manipulate invalids, prescribe
drugs, or deny God.  Jesus' healing was spiritual in its
nature, method, and design.  He wrought the cure of
disease through the divine Mind, which gives all true
volition, impulse, and action; and destroys the mental
error made manifest physically, and establishes the opposite
manifestation of Truth upon the body in harmony
and health.

   By the individuality of God, do you mean that God has
a finite form?

   No.  I mean the infinite and divine Principle of all
being, the ever-present I AM, filling all space, including


in itself all Mind, the one Father-Mother God.  Life,
Truth, and Love are this trinity in unity, and their universe
is spiritual, peopled with perfect beings, harmonious
and eternal, of which our material universe and men are
the counterfeits.

   Is God the Principle of all science, or only of Divine or
Christian Science?

   Science is Mind manifested.  It is not material; neither
is it of human origin.
   All true Science represents a moral and spiritual force,
which holds the earth in its orbit.  This force is Spirit,
that can "bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades," and
"loose the bands of Orion."
   There is no material science, if by that term you mean
material intelligence.  God is infinite Mind, hence there
is no other Mind.  Good is Mind, but evil is not Mind.
Good is not in evil, but in God only.  Spirit is not in matter,
but in Spirit only.  Law is not in matter, but in Mind only.

   Is there no matter?

   All is Mind.  According to the Scriptures and Christian
Science, all is God, and there is naught beside Him.  "God
is Spirit;" and we can only learn and love Him through
His spirit, which brings out the fruits of Spirit and extinguishes
forever the works of darkness by His marvellous
   The five material senses testify to the existence of


matter.  The spiritual senses afford no such evidence,
but deny the testimony of the material senses.  Which
testimony is correct?  The Bible says: "Let God be
true, and every man a liar."  If, as the Scriptures imply,
God is All-in-all, then all must be Mind, since God is
Mind.  Therefore in divine Science there is no material
mortal man, for man is spiritual and eternal, he being
made in the image of Spirit, or God.
   There is no material sense.  Matter is inert, inanimate,
and sensationless, - considered apart from Mind.  Lives
there a man who has ever found Soul in the body or in
matter, who has ever seen spiritual substance with the
eye, who has found sight in matter, hearing in the material
ear, or intelligence in non-intelligence?  If there is any
such thing as matter, it must be either mind which is
called matter, or matter without Mind.
   Matter without Mind is a moral impossibility.  Mind
in matter is pantheism.  Soul is the only real consciousness
which cognizes being.  The body does not see, hear,
smell, or taste.  Human belief says that it does; but
destroy this belief of seeing with the eye, and we could
not see materially; and so it is with each of the physical
   Accepting the verdict of these material senses, we should

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