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God, and know that He afflicteth not willingly the children
of men, who are punished because of disobedience to His
spiritual law.  His law of Truth, when obeyed, removes
every erroneous physical and mental state.  The belief
that matter can master Mind, and make you ill, is an
error which Truth will destroy.
   You must learn to acknowledge God in all His ways.
It is only a lack of understanding of the allness of God,
which leads you to believe in the existence of matter, or

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that matter can frame its own conditions, contrary to the
law of Spirit.
   Sickness is the schoolmaster, leading you to Christ;
first to faith in Christ; next to belief in God as omnipotent;
and finally to the understanding of God and man
in Christian Science, whereby you learn that God is good,
and in Science man is His likeness, the forever reflection of
goodness.  Therefore good is one and All.
   This brings forward the next proposition in Christian
Science, - namely, that there are no sickness, sin, and
death in the divine Mind.  What seem to be disease, vice,
and mortality are illusions of the physical senses.  These
illusions are not real, but unreal.  Health is the consciousness
of the unreality of pain and disease; or, rather, the
absolute consciousness of harmony and of nothing else.
In a moment you may awake from a night-dream; just
so you can awake from the dream of sickness; but the
demonstration of the Science of Mind-healing by no means
rests on the strength of human belief.  This demonstration
is based on a true understanding of God and divine
Science, which takes away every human belief, and,
through the illumination of spiritual understanding, reveals
the all-power and ever-presence of good, whence
emanate health, harmony, and Life eternal.
   The lecturer, teacher, or healer who is indeed a Christian
Scientist, never introduces the subject of human anatomy;
never depicts the muscular, vascular, or nervous operations
of the human frame.  He never talks about the

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structure of the material body.  He never lays his hands
on the patient, nor manipulates the parts of the body supposed
to be ailing.  Above all, he keeps unbroken the Ten
Commandments, and practises Christ's Sermon on the
   Wrong thoughts and methods strengthen the sense of
disease, instead of cure it; or else quiet the fear of the
sick on false grounds, encouraging them in the belief of
error until they hold stronger than before the belief that
they are first made sick by matter, and then restored
through its agency.  This fosters infidelity, and is mental
quackery, that denies the Principle of Mind-healing.  If
the sick are aided in this mistaken fashion, their ailments
will return, and be more stubborn because the relief is
unchristian and unscientific.
   Christian Science erases from the minds of invalids
their mistaken belief that they live in or because of matter,
or that a so-called material organism controls the health
or existence of mankind, and induces rest in God, divine
Love, as caring for all the conditions requisite for the wellbeing
of man.  As power divine is the healer, why should
mortals concern themselves with the chemistry of food?
Jesus said: "Take no thought what ye shall eat."
   The practitioner should also endeavor to free the minds
of the healthy from any sense of subordination to their
bodies, and teach them that the divine Mind, not material
law, maintains human health and life.
   A Christian Scientist knows that, in Science, disease

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is unreal; that Mind is not in matter; that Life is God,

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