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good; hence Life is not functional, and is neither matter
nor mortal mind; knows that pantheism and theosophy
are not Science.  Whatever saps, with human belief,
this basis of Christian Science, renders it impossible to
demonstrate the Principle of this Science, even in the
smallest degree.
   A mortal and material body is not the actual individuality
of man made in the divine and spiritual image of God.
The material body is not the likeness of Spirit; hence it
is not the truth of being, but the likeness of error - the
human belief which saith there is more than one God, -
there is more than one Life and one Mind.
   In Deuteronomy (iv. 35) we read: "The Lord, He is
God; there is none else beside Him."  In John (iv. 24)
we may read: "God is Spirit."  These propositions, understood
in their Science, elucidate my meaning.
   When treating a patient, it is not Science to treat every
organ in the body.  To aver that harmony is the real and
discord is the unreal, and then give special attention to
what according to their own belief is diseased, is scientific;
and if the healer realizes the truth, it will free his patient.

   What are the means and methods of trustworthy Christian

   These people should not be expected, more than others,
to give all their time to Christian Science work, receiving
no wages in return, but left to be fed, clothed, and sheltered

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by charity.  Neither can they serve two masters, giving
only a portion of their time to God, and still be Christian
Scientists.  They must give Him all their services, and
"owe no man."  To do this, they must at present ask a
suitable price for their services, and then conscientiously
earn their wages, strictly practising Divine Science, and
healing the sick.
   The author never sought charitable support, but gave
fully seven-eighths of her time without remuneration, except
the bliss of doing good.  The only pay taken for her
labors was from classes, and often those were put off for
months, in order to do gratuitous work.  She has never
taught a Primary class without several, and sometimes
seventeen, free students in it; and has endeavored to take
the full price of tuition only from those who were able to
pay.  The student who pays must of necessity do better
than he who does not pay, and yet will expect and require
others to pay him.  No discount on tuition was made on
higher classes, because their first classes furnished students
with the means of paying for their tuition in the higher
instruction, and of doing charity work besides.  If the
Primary students are still impecunious, it is their own
fault, and this ill-success of itself leaves them unprepared
to enter higher classes.
   People are being healed by means of my instructions,
both in and out of class.  Many students, who have
passed through a regular course of instruction from me,
have been invalids and were healed in the class; but experience

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has shown that this defrauds the scholar, though
it heals the sick.
   It is seldom that a student, if healed in a class, has left
it understanding sufficiently the Science of healing to immediately
enter upon its practice.  Why?  Because the
glad surprise of suddenly regained health is a shock to
the mind; and this holds and satisfies the thought with
exuberant joy.
   This renders the mind less inquisitive, plastic, and tractable;
and deep systematic thinking is impracticable until
this impulse subsides.
   This was the principal reason for advising diseased

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