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people not to enter a class.  Few were taken besides invalids
for students, until there were enough practitioners to
fill in the best possible manner the department of healing.
Teaching and healing should have separate departments,
and these should be fortified on all sides with suitable and
thorough guardianship and grace.
   Only a very limited number of students can advantageously
enter a class, grapple with this subject, and well
assimilate what has been taught them.  It is impossible
to teach thorough Christian Science to promiscuous and
large assemblies, or to persons who cannot be addressed
individually, so that the mind of the pupil may be dissected
more critically than the body of a subject laid bare for
anatomical examination.  Public lectures cannot be such
lessons in Christian Science as are required to empty and
to fill anew the individual mind.

RUD 16

   If publicity and material control are the motives for
teaching, then public lectures can take the place of private
lessons; but the former can never give a thorough knowledge
of Christian Science, and a Christian Scientist will never
undertake to fit students for practice by such means.  Lectures
in public are needed, but they must be subordinate
to thorough class instruction in any branch of education.
   None with an imperfect sense of the spiritual signification
of the Bible, and its scientific relation to Mind-healing,
should attempt overmuch in their translation of
the Scriptures into the "new tongue;" but I see that
some novices, in the truth of Science, and some impostors
are committing this error.

   Is there more than one school of scientific healing?

   In reality there is, and can be, but one school of the
Science of Mind-healing.  Any departure from Science is
an irreparable loss of Science.  Whatever is said and
written correctly on this Science originates from the Principle
and practice laid down in Science and Health, a work
which I published in 1875.  This was the first book, recorded
in history, which elucidates a pathological Science
purely mental.
   Minor shades of difference in Mind-healing have originated
with certain opposing factions, springing up among
unchristian students, who, fusing with a class of aspirants
which snatch at whatever is progressive, call it their first-fruits,
or else post mortem evidence.

RUD 17

   A slight divergence is fatal in Science.  Like certain
Jews whom St. Paul had hoped to convert from mere
motives of self-aggrandizement to the love of Christ, these
so-called schools are clogging the wheels of progress by
blinding the people to the true character of Christian
Science, - its moral power, and its divine efficacy to
   The true understanding of Christian Science Mind-healing
never originated in pride, rivalry, or the deification
of self.  The Discoverer of this Science could tell you of
timidity, of self-distrust, of friendlessness, toil, agonies, and
victories, under which she needed miraculous vision to
sustain her, when taking the first footsteps in this
   The ways of Christianity have not changed.  Meekness,
selflessness, and love are the paths of His testimony
and the footsteps of His flock.

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