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pore over it in secret, to keep himself well informed.  The
Nemesis of the history of Mind-healing notes this hour.
   Dishonesty necessarily stultifies the spiritual sense which
Mind-healers specially need; and which they must possess,
in order to be safe members of the community.  How
good and pleasant a thing it is to seek not so much thine
own as another's good, to sow by the wayside for the wayweary,
and trust Love's recompense of love.
   Plagiarism from my writings is so common it is becoming
odious to honest people; and such compilations,
instead of possessing the essentials of Christian Science,
are tempting and misleading.

NO 4

   Reading Science and Health has restored the sick to
health; but the task of learning thoroughly the Science
of Mind-healing and demonstrating it understandingly
had better be undertaken in health than sickness.

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