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   Ancient and modern human philosophy are inadequate
to grasp the Principle of Christian Science, or to demonstrate
it.  Revelation shows this Principle, and will rescue
reason from the thrall of error.  Revelation must subdue
the sophistry of intellect, and spiritualize consciousness
with the dictum and the demonstration of Truth and Love.

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Christian Science Mind-healing can only be gained by
working from a purely Christian standpoint.  Then it
heals the sick and exalts the race.  The essence of this
Science is right thinking and right acting - leading us to
see spirituality and to be spiritual, to understand and to
demonstrate God.
   The Massachusetts Metaphysical College and Church
of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, were the outgrowth of the
author's religious experience.  After a lifetime of orthodoxy
on the platform of doctrines, rites, and ceremonies,
it became a sacred duty for her to impart to others this
new-old knowledge of God.
   The same affection, desire, and motives which have stimulated
true Christianity in all ages, and given impulse to
goodness, in or out of the Church, have nerved her purpose
to build on the new-born conception of the Christ, as
Jesus declared himself, - namely, "the way, the truth,
and the life."  Living a true life, casting out evil, healing
the sick, and preaching the gospel of Truth, - these are
the ends of Christianity.  This divine way impels a spiritualization
of thought and method, beyond doctrine and
ritual; and in nothing else has she departed from the old
   The unveiled spiritual signification of the Word so enlarges
our sense of God that it makes both sense and Soul,
man and Life, immaterial, though still individual.  It removes
all limits from divine power.  God must be found
all instead of a part of being, and man the reflection of

NO 13

His power and goodness.  This Science rebukes sin with
its own nothingness, and thus destroys sin quickly and
utterly.  It makes disease unreal, and this heals it.
   The demonstration of moral and physical growth, and a
scientific deduction from the Principle of all harmony, declare
both the Principle and idea to be divine.  If this be
true, then death must be swallowed up in Life, and the
prophecy of Jesus fulfilled, "Whosoever liveth and believeth
in me shall never die."  Though centuries passed
after those words were originally uttered, before this reappearing
of Truth, and though the hiatus be longer still
before that saying is demonstrated in Life that knows no
death, the declaration is nevertheless true, and remains
a clear and profound deduction from Christian Science.

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