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   Christian Science refutes pantheism, finds Spirit neither
in matter nor in the modes of mortal mind.  It shows
that matter and mortal mind have neither origin nor existence
in the eternal Mind.  Thinking otherwise is what
estranges mortals from divine Life and Love.  God is
All-in-all.  He is Spirit; and in nothing is He unlike
Himself.  Nothing that "worketh or maketh a lie" is to be

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found in the divine consciousness.  For God to know,
is to be; that is, what He knows must truly and eternally
exist.  If He knows matter, and matter can exist in Mind,
then mortality and discord must be eternal.  He is Mind;
and whatever He knows is made manifest, and must be
   If God knows evil even as a false claim, this knowledge
would manifest evil in Him and proceeding from Him.
Christian Science shows that matter, evil, sin, sickness, and
death are but negations of Spirit, Truth, and Life, which
are positives that cannot be gainsaid.  The subjective
states of evil, called mortal mind or matter, are negatives
destitute of time and space; for there is none beside God
or Spirit and the idea of Spirit.
   This infinite logic is the infinite light, - uncomprehended,
yet forever giving forth more light, because it
has no darkness to emit.  Mortals do not understand the
All; hence their inference of some other existence beside
God and His true likeness, - of something unlike Him.
He who is All, understands all.  He can have no knowledge
or inference but His own consciousness, and can take
in no more than all.
   The mists of matter - sin, sickness, and death - disappear
in proportion as mortals approach Spirit, which
is the reality of being.  It is not enough to say that matter
is the substratum of evil, and that its highest attenuation is
mortal mind; for there is, strictly speaking, no mortal
mind.  Mind is immortal.  Death is the consequent of an

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antecedent false assumption of the realness of something
unreal, material, and mortal.  If God knows the antecedent,
He must produce its consequences.  From this logic
there is no escape.  Matter, or evil, is the absence of Spirit
or good.  Their nothingness is thus proven; for God is
good, ever-present, and All.
   "In Him we live, and move, and have our being;" consequently
it is impossible for the true man - who is a
spiritual and individual being, created in the eternal
Science of being - to be conscious of aught but good.
God's image and likeness can never be less than a good
man; and for man to be more than God's likeness is
impossible.  Man is the climax of creation; and God is
not without an ever-present witness, testifying of Himself.
Matter, or any mode of mortal mind, is neither part nor
parcel of divine consciousness and God's verity.
   In Science there is no fallen state of being; for therein
is no inverted image of God, no escape from the focal
radiation of the infinite.  Hence the unreality of error,
and the truth of the Scripture, that there is "none beside
Him."  If mortals could grasp these two words all and
nothing, this mystery of a God who has no knowledge of
sin would disappear, and the eternal, infinite harmony
would be fathomed.  If God could know a false claim,
false knowledge would be a part of His consciousness.
Then evil would be as real as good, sickness as real as
health, death as real as Life; and sickness, sin, and death
would be as eternal as God.

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