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   The Scriptures inform us that "the soul that sinneth,
it shall die."  Here soul means sense and organic life; and

NO 29

this passage refers to the Jewish law, that a mortal should
be put to death for his own sin, but not for another's.
Not Soul, but mortal sense, sins and dies.  Immortal man
has immortal Soul and a deathless sense of being.  Mortal
man has but a false sense of Soul and body.  He believes
that Spirit, or Soul, exists in matter.  This is pantheism,
and is not the Science of Soul.  The mind-quacks have
so slight a knowledge of Soul that they believe material
and sinning sense to be soul; and then they doctor this
soul as if it were not even a material sense.
   In Dr. Gordon's sermon on The Ministry of Healing,
he said, "The forgiven soul in a sick body is not half a
man."  Is this pantheistic statement sound theology, -
that Soul is in matter, and the immortal part of man a
sinner?  Is not this a disparagement of the person of man and
a denial of God's power?  Better far that we impute such
doctrines to mortal opinion than to the divine Word.
   To my sense, such a statement is a shocking reflection
on the divine power.  A mortal pardoned by God is not
sick, he is made whole.  He in whom sin, disease, and
death are destroyed, is more than a fraction of himself.
Such sermons, though clad in soft raiment, are spiritless
waifs, literary driftwood on the ocean of thought;
while Truth walks triumphantly over the waves of sin,
sickness, and death.

NO 30

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