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   Self-sacrifice is the highway to heaven.  The sacrifice
of our blessed Lord is undeniable, and it was a million
times greater than the brief agony of the cross; for that
would have been insufficient to insure the glory his sacrifice
brought and the good it wrought.  The spilling of
human blood was inadequate to represent the blood of
Christ, the outpouring love that sustains man's at-one-ment
with God; though shedding human blood brought
to light the efficacy of divine Life and Love and its power
over death.  Jesus' sacrifice stands preeminently amidst
physical suffering and human woe.  The glory of human
life is in overcoming sickness, sin, and death.  Jesus suffered
for all mortals to bring in this glory; and his purpose
was to show them that the way out of the flesh, out

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of the delusion of all human error, must be through the
baptism of suffering, leading up to health, harmony, and
   We shall leave the ceremonial law when we gain the
truer sense of following Christ in spirit, and we shall no
longer venture to materialize the spiritual and infinite
meaning and efficacy of Truth and Love, and the sacrifice
that Jesus made for us, by commemorating his death
with a material rite.  Jesus said: "The hour cometh, and
now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father
in spirit and in truth."  They drink the cup of Christ and
are baptized in the purification of persecution who discern
his true merit, - the unseen glory of suffering for others.
Physical torture affords but a slight illustration of the
pangs which come to one upon whom the world of sense
falls with its leaden weight in the endeavor to crush out
of a career its divine destiny.
   The blood of Christ speaketh better things than that
of Abel.  The real atonement - so infinitely beyond the
heathen conception that God requires human blood to
propitiate His justice and bring His mercy - needs to be
understood.  The real blood or Life of Spirit is not yet
discerned.  Love bruised and bleeding, yet mounting to
the throne of glory in purity and peace, over the steps of
uplifted humanity, - this is the deep significance of the
blood of Christ.  Nameless woe, everlasting victories, are
the blood, the vital currents of Christ Jesus' life, purchasing
the freedom of mortals from sin and death.

NO 35:
   This blood of Jesus is everything to human hope and
faith.  Without it, how poor the precedents of
Christianity!  What manner of Science were Christian Science
without the power to demonstrate the Principle of such
Life; and what hope have mortals but through deep humility
and adoration to reach the understanding of this
Principle!  When human struggles cease, and mortals
yield lovingly to the purpose of divine Love, there will be
no more sickness, sorrow, sin, and death.  He who pointed
the way of Life conquered also the drear subtlety of death.
   It was not to appease the wrath of God, but to show the
allness of Love and the nothingness of hate, sin, and death,
that Jesus suffered.  He lived that we also might live.  He
suffered, to show mortals the awful price paid by sin, and
how to avoid paying it.  He atoned for the terrible unreality
of a supposed existence apart from God.  He
suffered because of the shocking human idolatry that
presupposes Life, substance, Soul, and intelligence in
matter, - which is the antipode of God, and yet governs
mankind.  The glorious truth of being - namely, that
God is the only Mind, Life, substance, Soul - needs no

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