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that sin, sickness, and death are sensible claims, and that
God substantiates their evidence by knowing their claim.
He established the only true idealism on the basis that God
is All, and He is good, and good is Spirit; hence there is
no intelligent sin, evil mind or matter:  and this is the only
true philosophy and realism.  This divine mystery of
godliness was the rock of Truth, on which he built his
Church of the new-born, against which the gates of hell
cannot prevail.
   This Truth is the rock which the builders rejected; but
"the same is become the head of the corner."  This is
the chief corner-stone, the basis and support of creation,
the interpreter of one God, the infinity and unity of good.
   In proportion as mortals approximate the understanding
of Christian Science, they take hold of harmony, and
material incumbrance disappears.  Having one God, one
Mind, one consciousness, - which includes only His own
nature, - and loving your neighbor as yourself, constitute
Christian Science, which must demonstrate the nothingness
of any other state or stage of being.

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