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more spiritual latitudes, and so fulfil her destiny.
   Let the Word have free course and be glorified.  The
people clamor to leave cradle and swaddling-clothes.  The
spiritual status is urging its highest demands on mortals,
and material history is drawing to a close.  Truth cannot
be stereotyped; it unfoldeth forever.  "One on God's

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side is a majority;" and "Lo, I am with you alway," is
the pledge of the Master.
   The question now at issue is:  Shall we have a practical,
spiritual Christianity, with its healing power, or
shall we have material medicine and superficial religion?
The advancing hope of the race, craving health and holiness,
halts for a reply; and the reappearing Christ, whose
life-giving understanding Christian Science imparts, must
answer the constant inquiry: "Art thou he that should
come?"  Woman should not be ordered to the rear, or
laid on the rack, for joining the overture of angels.  Theologians
descant pleasantly upon free moral agency; but
they should begin by admitting individual rights.
   The author's ancestors were among the first settlers of
New Hampshire.  They reared there the Puritan standard
of undefiled religion.  As dutiful descendants of Puritans,
let us lift their standard higher, rejoicing, as Paul did,
that we are free born.
   Man has a noble destiny; and the full-orbed significance
of this destiny has dawned on the sick-bound and sin-enslaved.
  For the unfolding of this upward tendency to
health, greatness, and goodness, I shall continue to labor
and wait.


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