Christian Science versus Pantheism, by Mary Baker Eddy
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   We know of but three theistic religions, the Mosaic, the
Christian, and the Mohammedan.  Does not each of these
religions mystify the absolute oneness and infinity of God,
   A close study of the Old and New Testaments in connection
with the original text indicates, in the third chapter
of Genesis, a lapse in the Mosaic religion, wherein
theism seems meaningless, or a vague apology for
contradictions.  It certainly gives to matter and evil reality
and power, intelligence and law, which implies Mind,
Spirit, God; and the logical sequence of this error is idolatry
- other gods.
   Again:  The hypothesis of mind in matter, or more than
one Mind, lapses into evil dominating good, matter governing
Mind, and makes sin, disease, and death inevitable,


despite of Mind, or by the consent of Mind!  Next, it
follows that the disarrangement of matter causes a man to
be mentally deranged; and the Babylonian sun god, moon
god, and sin god find expression in sun worship, lunacy,
sin, and mortality.
   Does not the belief that Jesus, the man of Galilee, is
God, imply two Gods, one the divine, infinite Person, the
other a human finite personality?  Does not the belief
that Mary was the mother of God deny the self-existence
of God?  And does not the doctrine that Mohammed is
the only prophet of God infringe the sacredness of one
Christ Jesus?

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