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   From a material standpoint, the best of people sometimes
object to the philosophy of Christian Science, on the

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ground that it takes away man's personality and makes
man less than man.  But what saith the apostle? - even
this: "If a man think himself to be something, when he is
nothing, he deceiveth himself."  The great Nazarene
Prophet said, "By their fruits ye shall know them:" then,
if the effects of Christian Science on the lives of men
be thus judged, we are sure the honest verdict of humanity
will attest its uplifting power, and prevail over the
opposite notion that Christian Science lessens man's
   The students at the Massachusetts Metaphysical College,
generally, were the average man and woman.  But
after graduation, the best students in the class averred
that they were stronger and better than before it.  With
twelve lessons or less, the present and future of those students
had wonderfully broadened and brightened before
them, thus proving the utility of what they had been taught.
Christian Scientists heal functional, organic, chronic, and
acute diseases that M.D.'s have failed to heal; and,
better still, they reform desperate cases of intemperance,
tobacco using, and immorality, which, we regret to say,
other religious teachers are unable to effect.  All this is
accomplished by the grace of God, - the effect of God
understood.  A higher manhood is manifest, and never
lost, in that individual who finds the highest joy, - therefore
no pleasure in loathsome habits or in sin, and no
necessity for disease and death.  Whatever promotes
statuesque being, health, and holiness does not degrade
man's personality.  Sin, sickness, appetites, and passions,
constitute no part of man, but obscure man.  Therefore it

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required the divinity of our Master to perceive the real
man, and to cast out the unreal or counterfeit.  It caused
St. Paul to write, - "Lie not one to another, seeing that
ye have put off the old man with his deeds; and have put
on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after
the image of Him that created him."
   Was our Master mistaken in judging a cause by its
effects?  Shall the opinions, systems, doctrines, and dogmas
of men gauge the animus of man? or shall his stature
in Christ, Truth, declare him?  Governed by the divine
Principle of his being, man is perfect.  When will the
schools allow mortals to turn from clay to Soul for the
model?  The Science of being, understood and obeyed,
will demonstrate man to be superior to the best church-member
or moralist on earth, who understands not this
Science.  If man is spiritually fallen, it matters not what
he believes; he is not upright, and must regain his native
spiritual stature in order to be in proper shape, as certainly
as the man who falls physically needs to rise again.
   Mortals, content with something less than perfection -
the original standard of man - may believe that evil develops
good, and that whatever strips off evil's disguise belittles
man's personality.  But God enables us to know that
evil is not the medium of good, and that good supreme destroys
all sense of evil, obliterates the lost image that
mortals are content to call man, and demands man's unfallen
spiritual perfectibility.
   The grand realism that man is the true image of God,
not fallen or inverted, is demonstrated by Christian Science.
And because Christ's dear demand, "Be ye therefore

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perfect," is valid, it will be found possible to fulfil it.  Then

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