Christian Science versus Pantheism, by Mary Baker Eddy
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   This closing century, and its successors, will make strong
claims on religion, and demand that the inspired Scriptural
commands be fulfilled.  The altitude of Christianity openeth,
high above the so-called laws of matter, a door that no
man can shut; it showeth to all peoples the way of escape
from sin, disease, and death; it lifteth the burden of sharp
experience from off the heart of humanity, and so lighteth
the path that he who entereth it may run and not weary,
and walk, not wait by the roadside, - yea, pass gently on
without the alterative agonies whereby the way-seeker
gains and points the path.
   The Science of Christianity is strictly monotheism, -
it has ONE GOD.  And this divine infinite Principle,
noumenon and phenomena, is demonstrably the self-existent
Life, Truth, Love, substance, Spirit, Mind, which
includes all that the term implies, and is all that is real and
eternal.  Christian Science is irrevocable - unpierced
by bold conjecture's sharp point, by bald philosophy, or
by man's inventions.  It is divinely true, and every hour

PAN 13

in time and in eternity will witness more steadfastly to its
practical truth.  And Science is not pantheism, but Christian
   Chief among the questions herein, and nearest my
heart, is this:  When shall Christianity be demonstrated
according to Christ, in these words: "Neither shall they
say, Lo, here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of
God is within you"?

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